Content Management

phone-colorWhen creating websites we use a couple of different content management systems. The systems we use are some of the best content management systems available to web designers. They make creating, updating, and editing content easy and fast.

The following are the content management systems we use:


We use WordPress with the Genesis framework on the majority of our sites. WordPress makes it easy to create a sleek, professional looking webpage for most businesses. We also include the following features.

  • Phone apps
  • Small shopping carts
  • Off-site backup



Joomla is used to create websites for large businesses who want a variety of extra features, such as an online store, on their site. We do not use Joomla as frequently as we do WordPress, but we use it occasionally based on the functions needed for that particular website. We include the following extensions with our Joomla sites:

  • Virtue Mart (K2 Mart) shopping cart
  • Event management systems
  • Fundraising extensions


OpenCart is a content management system we use to create an online store. We only use it if the business has a large selection of products they want to make available online. It is essentially a website in itself which the buyer can reach from the base website (either a Joomla or WordPress site).

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